Watchmaker Framework for Evolutionary Computation API
(Version 0.7.1)

Package org.uncommons.watchmaker.framework

This package provides a framework for evolutionary computation.


Interface Summary
CandidateFactory<T> Creates new populations of candidates.
EvolutionaryOperator<T> An evolutionary operator is a function that takes a population of candidates as an argument and returns a new population that is the result of applying a transformation to the original population.
EvolutionEngine<T> Operations for classes that provide an evolution implementation.
EvolutionObserver<T> Call-back interface so that programs can monitor the state of a long-running evolutionary algorithm.
FitnessEvaluator<T> Calculates the fitness score of a given candidate of the appropriate type.
SelectionStrategy<T> Strategy interface for "natural" selection.
TerminationCondition Interface for implementing conditions used to terminate evolutionary algorithms.

Class Summary
AbstractEvolutionEngine<T> Base class for EvolutionEngine implementations.
CachingFitnessEvaluator<T> A wrapper that provides caching for FitnessEvaluator implementations.
EvaluatedCandidate<T> Immutable wrapper class for associating a candidate solution with its fitness score.
EvolutionStrategyEngine<T> General purpose engine for implementing Evolution Strategies.
EvolutionUtils Utility methods used by different evolution implementations.
FitnessEvaluationWorker This is the class that actually runs the fitness evaluation tasks created by a EvolutionEngine.
GenerationalEvolutionEngine<T> This class implements a general-purpose generational evolutionary algorithm.
PopulationData<T> Immutable data object containing statistics about the state of an evolved population and a reference to the fittest candidate solution in the population.
SteadyStateEvolutionEngine<T> An implementation of steady-state evolution, which is a type of evolutionary algorithm where a population is changed incrementally, with one individual evolved at a time.

Package org.uncommons.watchmaker.framework Description

This package provides a framework for evolutionary computation. It defines generic interfaces for evolutionary operators, fitness functions and selection strategies. It also provides an all-purpose EvolutionEngine.

Daniel Dyer

Watchmaker Framework for Evolutionary Computation API
(Version 0.7.1)