Watchmaker Framework for Evolutionary Computation (logo by Charles Burdett)

Watchmaker Framework

for Evolutionary Computation

Current Stable Version: 0.7.1 Download API Docs User Manual Wiki Support Bugs Source Code Changelog / Roadmap

Current Release

The latest stable release of the Watchmaker Framework is available from the downloads page on GitHub. The download is available as either a ZIP or TGZ archive. The contents are the same for each file and include API documentation and source code for several example programs.

The Watchmaker Framework requires Java 5 or later.

Archive Releases

You can also download source snapshots of all previous Watchmaker releases from the GitHub downloads page. Refer to the changelog to learn the differences between versions.

Maven Users

Recent versions of the Watchmaker Framework are available from the Maven 2 repository.

Source Code

The latest source code is available from the Git repository on GitHub. If you want to submit changes, fork the Git repository, make your changes and then send a pull request to have your changes considered for merging into the master repository.

Building Watchmaker from source requires JDK 5 or later and Apache Ant 1.7.1 or later.